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Still Life in the Kitchen

Still Life with Kitchen Utensils, Tomatoes and Garlic

Photo taken with mixed source available light: daylight through the window, flourescent and incandescent lights in the kitchen. A little Photoshoppery hid the distracting window blinds and enhanced brightness and contrast on the tomatoes and garlic.


5 thoughts on “Still Life in the Kitchen

    • John, don’t sell yourself short. It wasn’t the camera that created this shot, the camera merely recorded it. The photo was created in my mind’s eye, but not all at once. It evolved as I worked on it, as I explored different angles and elevations. Then, when I processed it in Photoshop different ideas evolved until I thougt it was finished. Remember, the camera is only a tool. You are the artist and creator of your images.

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      • That’s kind of you. I know what you mean though. My own creativity goes into poetry and I take just as much care over processing and evolving a poem as you do over a photograph. It’s satisfying, taking time and trying different angles, isn’t it. I’m still very impressed by your still life.

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