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Illustation of a violinist

Click on the illustration to see a larger, more detailed version.

You can probably tell, I like the result of this process. I can imagine applications for promotion, illustration and advertising. The beautiful violinist was performing with a chamber quartet on 8th Street in downtown Holland, MI. No matter which angle I chose, the background distracted from the feeling of a soft, pleasant afternoon surrounded by beautiful strains of the music. By dropping out the background, using a few Photoshop processes and a single filter built into Photoshop CS5, I came up with this image. It’s a much more flattering and descriptive illustration of the lovely young woman’s talent.

Art, photography, Photoshop

Threads on 8th Street

A Photoshop sketch of Threads on 8th Street, a downtown shop in Holland, MI.A Photoshop rendition of a clothing shop in downtown Holland, Michigan. The graphic pen effect made a stronger image than the photograph of the building’s face. The process works well with many architectural and other high-contrast images. Click on the photo to see a larger version.