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Vicki’s Flowers

Clematis blossoms

The Clematis were planted shortly after we arrived in May – the first blossoms opened a few days ago, shortly before we had planned to leave for the season.

Gazania blossoms

Gazania plants displayed beautiful flowers when Vicki brought them home and they have blossomed all summer long.

Multi-colored Gazania blossom

Multi-colored Gazania blossom.

Two phases of Gazania blossoms

Late in the afternoon, early evening, the Gazanias begin to close their blossoms for the night. They’ll reopen first thing the following morning.

Double Wave Petunia blossom

Double Wave Petunias don’t look much like the Petunias I know. Nonetheless, they are very attractive.

Calibrachoa, a petunia look-a-like.

Calibrachoa looks very much like the flower I’ve always know as a Petunia.