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Blue Hour Fishing

Fishermen in a boat on White Lake.

Fishing on White Lake during the blue hour, that hour or so after the sun drops below the horizon. This photo was taken with a Motorola Droid smartphone.


Art, Humor, photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street Photography

Artist gets “touched-up” by his own Illustration


Three Mexican artists demonstrated their skills in Mission, Texas last February 14 on the street outside the Mission Historical Museum. Unfortunately, the spectacular chalk sketches lasted only a few days before being worn away by wind and traffic.


Abstract, Art, Humor, photography, Poetry

Orange Towel

Towel-001A visual cliche, perhaps. The kids, home for the summer. How else to explain it?

They are careless, carefree. The parents…obsessive compulsive neatniks.

The towel nonchalantly draped over the railing, the Mom unaware.

Soon, she will see. Neighborhood appearances  restored to their normal order.