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Dark Side

Weathered building in north Florida, USA.

You must have either a password or high explosives and substantial military backup! On the other hand, if you’re just dropping by for lunch, a credit card will work.

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Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay on an overcast winter day at Daphne, Alabama, USA.

Looking south across Mobile Bay from the east shore at Daphne, Alabama. It was a dreary, foggy, winter day, but the light was fantastic.

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Winter on the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico beach near Fort Morgan, Alabama.

Fort Morgan, Alabama – Mid-day, the end of January. It’s cold, but calm. People come down to the beach for their morning walks, to collect seashells or driftwood, perhaps. Two men at the far right, near the horizon, were fishing from beach chairs while a Great Blue Heron closely monitored their activity.