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A week ago this was a magnificent little forest. So, I’m wondering, what’s the morality difference between clear cutting the Amazon forest for agricultural development and clear cutting Alabama forests for commercial development?

Are Alabama forests less of a carbon sink than the forests of the Amazon? Why will clear cutting Alabama forests not contribute to climate change, but clear cutting in the Amazon will? Do Alabama forests not produce oxygen for the planets creatures to breath? I’m also wondering about the impact the loss of wildlife habitat will have on the forest’s creatures: birds, squirrels, deer, armadillos, rabbits, etc.

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Hurricane Sally Aftermath

Hurricane Sally damage at Centennial Park in Foley, AL.

Trees all over Baldwin County took a horrific hit. At Centennial Park in downtown Foley many of the majestic trees were destroyed.

Uprooted tree at Centennial Park downtown Foley, AL

An old Oak.

Debris from the Copper Kettle Teahouse in downtown Foley, AL.

Debris from the Copper Kettle Tea Bar in downtown Foley, AL

Fences down in Josephine, AL.

A picket fence destroyed in the community of Josephine, AL.

Dock and water slide pushed to the rear of a home on Perdido Bay at Bass Point.

A dock, water slide and other debris pushed into the backyard of a home on Perdido Bay at Bass Point, AL.

Debris lines the street at Bass Point, AL following Hurricane Sally.

Debris of all kinds line the streets at Bass Point near the edge of Perdido Bay.

Debris at streetside in Bass Point, AL.

Household debris at the side of the road in Bass Point.

Twin masted sailboat beached during Hurricane Sally at Bass Point, AL.

A twin masted sailboat washed ashore in the surge on Perdido Bay at Bass Point, AL.

Overturned power boat on Perdido Bay at Bass Point, AL.

Overturned power boat on Perdido Bay at Bass Point, AL.

Utility crews from Illinois work to restore power to residents in Josephine, AL.

Utility crews from Illinois work to restore power to residents in Josephine, AL.

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Toadstool From the Toad’s View

Close-up view of a toadstool growing in a lawn in south Alabama, USA.Fortunately for me, last night’s hurricane Laura landed well to the west of Gulf Shores.

Although heavy rain fell most of the night, this elegant toadstool withstood the downpour. This morning it was fresh, looking newly developed, but by late afternoon it began to droop; age is having its affect.

I believe this fungus is poisonous to humans, but the ants seem to be getting something beneficial from it.

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My Neighbor, Darrin

Head and shoulders portrait of an average American man.He’s the son of a Baptist minister, and a nurse mother. He’s a veteran of the U.S. Army having served in Germany during the Cold War. He’s the father of a beautiful daughter, and he’s a soon-to-be grandfather. He’s a genuinely nice man and my friend.

Throughout most of my career, I took pictures of products, processes and places, but I began this job shooting weddings and portraits. Every now and again I feel the compulsion to create photographs of people. Darrin was an available and agreeable subject. I hope my portrait of him does justice.