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Rose Bud

It’s been a couple month since my last post, it was dedicated to my friend Bob Dahl a poet and trout fisherman. He read the post, commented and a day or two later suffered a fatal heart attack. I pray that his spirit has found a peaceful, joyful place. I will forever miss him.

Abstract, Digital Image, photography, Poetry

Life is an Abstraction

Stack of music CDs back lighted in direct afternoon sunlight through a window.


Life is an abstraction
Lived between the values of black and white
            Softly … vividly … extremely
            In gradations of gray

But memories are collected
            In the nuance of color
            Between the depths of suicidal depression
To the euphoria of loves’ tectonic orgasms

The whys of divorce at the age of 74
            Are lost in the darkness of expectation
            Lost in radiant shades of love’s experience
There are no answers

When it’s over