Art, Humor, photography, Photoshop, Poetry

217 Alamo Plaza


Shuttered windows and covered doors, security camera on the wall

Tourists in plaid shorts, t-shirts, sandals, knee-high black socks

In this neighborhood?

What clandestine trade goes on in there?

Undercover assets, without credentials or records. Black ops?

International deals?

Spooky! And all written in a single photograph

Art, photography, Photojournalism, Photoshop

Photo Montage of the South Padre Island Christmas Boat Parade

Photo Montage of Boats with Christmas lights

Photomontage using seven different photos of the Christmas Light Boat Parade at South Padre Island. Photos taken from the lower deck of Louie’s Backyard Restaurant overlooking Laguna Madre. Montage developed in Photoshop CS5.