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A Little Late

Hitting the snooze button proved a huge mistake this morning. I missed the best part of the sunrise and the fantastic fog had mostly evaporated. Another mistake was rushing out the door carrying only a wide angle lens. I missed several shots that demanded a longer lens.

On the other hand, I did get this massive flock of grackles rising from the marsh, coursing across the horizon in numbers too great to count. Even though the birds are much too small in the frame (they look like specks of dirt) the flock itself becomes a significant element of the landscape.

Had I been there earlier, I would have missed this shot. Had I carried a longer lens the flock of birds could have been an even more impressive component.

Mistakes: I make so many and learn so little. But then, in a civilized world early morning is no time for learning.

(Click on the photo to see a larger image)

Sunrise with a massive flock of grackles flying across the horizon.


Yesterday’s “Daily Prompt” Mistake

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I am Not Stubborn!

Hat resting on the keyboard of a laptop computer.Writing socks? What a stupid idea. I have one pair of special socks – my Christmas socks. They’re about 20 years old and I’ve worn them about 20 times. I used to wear them thinking people would admire me for my wondrous Christmas spirit, my joie de vivre, my delightful sense of humor. In 20-plus years, nobody ever noticed my colorful socks. Turns out, Christmas socks, like writing socks, are a stupid idea.  I’m going to get rid of them…maybe next spring.

For a short time I did have a writing hat – stubbornly held on to it, until it started to smell bad, and it never did help my writing.  Another stupid idea.

I once had a boss who told me I was stubborn. Apparently she thought she had hired a “yes man.” I advocated for good ideas, usually my own, and held on to them until proven wrong, which even now rarely happens.

Stubborn? What does it really mean? I am not unreasonable, obstinate, inflexible or immovable, but when I’m right…I’m Right.

To label me stubborn is quite simply stubbornness in itself. Be reasonable for cryin’ out loud.