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A .357 magnum revolver in a leather holster with a belt of cartridges.I remember hunting whitetail deer with this .357 magnum many, many years ago. After two seasons of sitting in the snow, getting cold, bored and never seeing anything to shoot at, I gave up. Deer hunting was one of the least interesting activities in which I have ever engaged.  Retrospectly, I’m glad I never had the opportunity to kill a deer. While I’ve shot squirrels, rabbits, partridge and a few other small game animals, I never derived any great pleasure or satisfaction from the killing sports. On the other hand, I do remember some fine meals of rabbit stew, roasted partridge, and pheasant pie.

I still keep a collection of firearms, and even fire them occasionally – rarely, but only at paper targets. The cartridges in this holster belt have somewhat corroded and have over the years, undoubtedly, lost some of their explosive power. Soon, I will take them out, polish them up and replace them in those same loops, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, the guns sit in a cabinet holding on to memories of times long past.


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Twig Pot

Twig pot turned from a Ruby Red Grapefruit log.

My first wood-lathe project – a twig pot turned from a Ruby Red Grapefruit log in the wood shop at Snow to Sun RV Resort in Weslaco, Texas. It was finished with a coat of boiled linseed oil and three coats of polyuerethane. Anyone want to buy a unique piece of art, signed by the artist, for, oh say, $1,000,000.00?