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Cloud Body

A mirrored image of cumulus clouds.Liquid? Not yet,
but soon
They will open and
everything dry
will become wet

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My Place in the World

Blurred lines on a highway at night.That one place…a place that feels like home…the place I belong?
It’s been the quest of my adult life.
As mysterious as the darkness beyond the reach of the car’s headlights on a pitch-black night
racing to punch through into the light
maybe around the next bend
that one place…
…my place in the world?

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Twig Pot

Twig pot turned from a Ruby Red Grapefruit log.

My first wood-lathe project – a twig pot turned from a Ruby Red Grapefruit log in the wood shop at Snow to Sun RV Resort in Weslaco, Texas. It was finished with a coat of boiled linseed oil and three coats of polyuerethane. Anyone want to buy a unique piece of art, signed by the artist, for, oh say, $1,000,000.00?

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Manipulated close-up of a wildflower growing beside the driveway early February.

Stumbling through various Photoshop layers and process until I create something beyond the standard snapshot. This wildflower – still unidentified – is growing beside the driveway. It’s tiny, but the brilliant color pops it out from its surroundings. 
I love creating something that isn’t, but still representative of something that is.