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Los Ebanos, Texas


Surprisingly, the place is still open, although with a very limited stock of cigarettes and liquor. It is the last “Duty Free” shop operating in Los Ebanos, TX, an historic border village, where the last hand-pulled ferry in the U.S. still operates. The Brady shop, just down the road, did not open this season. There is a new, multimillion dollar Customs station at the river crossing, but tourist shops and the only restaurant have been closed the past several years. It is a shame; with a little investment, a few improvements and this could again be a thriving tourist destination in the Rio Grande Valley.

Art, photography

Mysterious Quonset Hut


Quonset Hut sits just off the highway near Linn, Texas. By all visual appearances, the building is abandoned, however, mysterious crashing sounds came from inside while I took photos. Who knows what lurks in the deep, dark shadows behind the open door.