Art, photography, Photoshop

Threads on 8th Street

A Photoshop sketch of Threads on 8th Street, a downtown shop in Holland, MI.A Photoshop rendition of a clothing shop in downtown Holland, Michigan. The graphic pen effect made a stronger image than the photograph of the building’s face. The process works well with many architectural and other high-contrast images. Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Abstract, Art, photography, Photoshop

Church in the Clouds

San Juan Capistrano composite rendered in Photoshop CS5

This began as a photograph of the church at Mission San Juan Capistrano in San Antonio, TX. I converted the photo to a crosshatch sketch, added a mirrored image of cirrus clouds from my library of cloud photos, a blue background and some white highlights to create a church floating in a surreal sky. It is both more and less of the original image, as well as more and less of the image in my mind. I built the final illustration on 5 or 6 layers in Photoshop CS5 in about an hour or so.