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Field of Daisies

Field of daisies

Satisfaction is a field of daisies and a fine summer day.

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Downtown Taiban, NM

Abandoned home in Taiban, NM

Abandoned home in Taiban, NM. Most of the town has crumbled and disappeared, although there is still a functioning U.S. Post Office on the main highway, U.S. 60/84.

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Abandoned Church, Taiban, NM

Abandoned church in Taiban, NM

Abandoned church in Taiban, NM. The building once served Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist congregations at the same time.

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Churck front in a surreal setting.It was a sweet feminine voice that insisted I make a choice, either walk through the church doors or burn in the depths of hell.

I thought, “Only two choices? Of the world’s ‘Great Religions’ my two choices are the plain vanilla denomination or hell.” Isn’t that some sort of rhetorical fallacy – only two choices? I’m sure there must be more.

I asked, “Why the simple white clapboard, non-denominational, nondescript church? What about one of the magnificent Gothic cathedrals? Perhaps I could visit a golden domed synagogue, or try an ancient Moorish mosque. Then again, I kind of liked the colorful Japanese Temples with the spinning prayer cylinders.”

She said, “Choose! Either this church where they are waiting for you or roast right here where demons will spend a thousand eternities devouring your soul.”

I said in my most assertive voice, “I much prefer my own church, ‘The Blessed Mother of the Sabbath Morning Sleep-In.’ By the way, you have a lovely voice”

She said, “Choose!”

I said, “How about we go uptown to the bar where they have 19 different craft brews on tap…I’ll buy. We can have a reasonable conversation and work this out in a more congenial setting.”

She said, “Choose!”

At that point, it occurred to me, “This little white church must have a back door.”

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Afternoon Light

Cottonwood, Mesquite trees and creosote bushes catch the afternoon light in Big Bend National Park.Who would ever think such greenery could exist in a predominately brown, gray desiccated desert? The afternoon sunlight skimming across these trees – I think they are cottonwoods, Mesquite and creosote – was a big surprise in the Big Bend National Park.

All day, we had been driving a self-guided tour in the southwest section of the park seeing nothing but earth tones, ragged volcanic features and dry desert floor. When we happened upon this scene somewhere near the end of the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive at the Castalon/Santa Elena junction, I had to stop for the photo. It says everything about the concepts of “end of the day, rocking on the porch and sipping something refreshing.”

What does it say to you?