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The White River

A summer view of the White River near Hesperia, Michigan, USA.

A place on the White River near Hesperia, Michigan, just upstream from the M-20 Bridge; it’s an easy place to get in the water and looks as if there would be lots of trout, but I’ve never done very well here. The well-worn path through the woods indicates that more than a few fishermen wade this stream. Maybe they’ve already taken all the trout.

Another side of the story is that it’s a quiet, beautiful place to spend a summer afternoon just being.

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Field of Daisies

Field of daisies

Satisfaction is a field of daisies and a fine summer day.

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The Autumn Cometh


The brisk morning air sent a shiver through their limbs and set a small stand of old philosophers to speculating about the approaching season.

“It can’t be good.”

“It could be bad.”

“Good or bad, it will come.”

“Most likely.”