Abstract, Art, Food, Humor, photography, Short Story


Chicken wishboneThe nameless little chicken was roughly thrust headfirst, upside down, into a silvery funnel.  When her head abruptly poked through the narrow end, she frantically thought, “Was my wish to get to the other side really a good enough reason?” But then, as all physical sensation escaped and her spirit began ascending into a beautiful, very bright light, she wondered with heightened excitement, “Well now, what’s on the other side of that road?”

Art, Food, Humor, photography, Short Story


Grapes and cheese on a plate with a boning knife.With ice in her voice, she said, “It’s the wrong knife, you dolt…and where’s the wine?

Calmly, deliberately, almost in a whisper, he replied, “You doubt the effectiveness of a very sharp boning knife?”