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Toadstool From the Toad’s View

Close-up view of a toadstool growing in a lawn in south Alabama, USA.Fortunately for me, last night’s hurricane Laura landed well to the west of Gulf Shores.

Although heavy rain fell most of the night, this elegant toadstool withstood the downpour. This morning it was fresh, looking newly developed, but by late afternoon it began to droop; age is having its affect.

I believe this fungus is poisonous to humans, but the ants seem to be getting something beneficial from it.


One thought on “Toadstool From the Toad’s View

  1. Sharon Cook-Harbaruk says:

    It always amazes me as to why something so fragile looking can survive some of the most severe weather while huge trees can be knocked over. Nature is a mystery. Nice capture and use of light as always Jess. p.s. how did you get down that low and get back up! I would need help! LOL!

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