11 thoughts on “Summer Colors in the Forest

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    My Featured Blogger this week is freelance writer-photographer Pitchurman of Day-to-Day Photography. I don’t know Pitchurman’s “real” name, but then this Alabama-based artist’s self-description concludes with the words “first and always a photographer.” And quite a picture-man he is. Although his seasoned eyes captures some lovely landscapes and longshots, my favorites are the close-ups like this one. There is something transcendent here: the eye of a human creator capturing the tenderness and beauty of the original Creator’s touch. But don’t stop here–go to Pitchurman’s blog site and take in more of the “Day-to-Day” wonders his eye has captured!

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    • Mitch, Thank you for the nice compliments and the reblog. I am a recent replant to Alabama, originally from Michigan. I was given the nick name “Pitchurman” by a fellow student at Delta College. He saw me in the hallway with a Nikon F hanging from my neck; he shouted, “Hey Pitchurman, take my pitchur.” I don’t know that he would have spelled it that way, but that’s the way it sounded.
      Thanks again,
      Jess Merrill

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