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Civil War Canon Protects Mobile Bay

Civil War Canon aimed toward Mobile Bay, Alabama.

Click on photo to see a larger image.

Civil War canon at Fort Morgan, Alabama points toward Mobile Bay. The misty appearance is a result of condensation on the lens caused by taking the camera out of an air conditioned car into the very humid air of a tropical Alabama morning.


2 thoughts on “Civil War Canon Protects Mobile Bay

  1. Sharon Harbaruk says:

    Good use of the temperature change Jess. Also your use of the light really set the mood! Well captured and processed! p.s. seen a few inexperienced photographers who tried changing their lens after such a temp change…not a pretty sight!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sharon. I hadn’t considered changing lenses that morning, and now I’m especially glad I didn’t. Don’t know whether I would have even considered the possibility of condensation forming on the sensor.


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